Pamela and Alfred Parker III

About Us

We were high school sweethearts and have known each other for over 47 years. We have been married for 39 years and are the parents of three beautiful children (Arianne, Alfred, and Patrice) and five awesome grand children.

We have made it our mission to end a generational curse of divorce in our family and in order to do that we had to work at our marriage and work hard. We came to realize that marriages were under attack and we had to fight back. So early on we began to walk into our destiny of marriage ministry. As members of Mt. Hermon B.C. of Avondale, La. we have actively worked in marriage ministry for the past ten years. For four years we had the opportunity to work in St. Croix, VI with Speak The Word International Ministries in its Relationship School. What we realize was that it only took time and effort, which we had plenty of. It also took being honest and open which takes more work then you think. And we want others to realize they were not going through this alone. It can work and it will work. We started holding small bible study groups in our home and we are invited to speak at marriage ministry gatherings.

Our mission is that marriages be blessed and that marriages be a blessing. Our message declares that healthy marriages are your destiny.

We believe that we are gifted to impact principles and everyday truths that will impact your way of thinking which will impact your marriage.

We have declared a “MARRIAGE REVOLUTION!”

According to Webster – Revolution – A forcible overthrow of a government or social order in favor of a new system. An instance of revolving.

Christian marriages are constantly being tried by the enemy (SATAN). We have declared to Encourage – Empower – Enlighten – Enrich marriages that God will honor and bless.

Therefore, this marriage revolution, begins here in your marriage. By taking back what the enemy has taken and what the enemy has tried to destroy. Taking back our families  and our children and by doing this we will receive the blessings and our children will receive the blessings as well.